We know, we know. You’ve already seen our website, and you know what Bit by Bit has to offer. Well, what we’re emailing you about today is something totally new! If you or anyone you know is still curious about whether managed IT services is the way to go, we’re releasing a free eBook: 20 Signs That Your Business is Ready for Managed Services.

This no-obligations download takes a tour through the network of an average small- and medium-sized business to point out every way a managed services provider (MSP) can improve the way things work.

Think of this free PDF as a before-and-after photo for your technology. We’ve gone one-by-one through the most common pitfalls of underfunded IT departments to show you what your technology could look like after switching to a managed IT services model.

  • Do you have a disaster recovery plan? Does it include everything listed in our eBook?
  • Can you select and deploy new technology and services as fast as we can?
  • Is your technology as scalable now as it would be with managed services?

After you’ve finished reading, if you still don’t feel like our model is right for you, no problem! We just wanted to provide some free advice so that when you’re ready -- you know whom to call.