RightFax 10.6 entering “Sustaining Maintenance” on November 11, 2018

Is your organization running RightFax version 10.6 or older? If so, you should consider upgrading to a newer version. We know RightFax is important to your business and it’s important to us that you are running the latest (& greatest!) version out there.

Sustaining Maintenance:

​When a product is considered to be under Sustaining Maintenance, the core development team at Open Text is redirected to other work and no new services packs and patches are released for general use. Product defects and enhancement requests may still be reported, but work by the core development team on these issues will be discontinued. Migration to a Current Maintenance version may be required.

If you have any questions about upgrading, or moving to a hosted fax solution, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@bitxibit.com.