RightFax is the fax solution of choice for hospitals and healthcare organizations around the world.

The challenges facing healthcare today are complex. They can make communicating and sharing PHI across disparate applications with different providers highly problematic.

Why Rely on OpenText RightFax?

Open Text RightFax has become the fax server of choice for healthcare and healthcare information systems. It has set the standard in delivering medical records and other documents by providing the tools to electronically send and receive from desktops while automating delivery from clinical and back office applications.

RightFax provides healthcare organizations with the flexibility to securely distribute virtually any document from any application.

  • Limiting connectivity with no real-time exchange at point of care
  • Increasing costs due to inefficiencies and labor-intensive, manual processes
  • Slowing down or disrupting care coordination among providers
  • Compromising safety when providers don’t have access to critical patient information
  • Duplicating testing & increasing expenses & leakage which affects the revenue cycle

Common types of faxing with EMR/EHR systems include:

  • Sharing PHI for patient care coordination
  • Health information management such as legal records
  • Sending prescriptions
  • Referrals or thank you letters to physicians
  • Result notifications
  • Transcriptions