Legal Industry

End-to-End Managed IT Services & Next Generation Cybersecurity for the Legal Industry

As a Managed Services Provider (MSP) with over 33 years of experience, Bit by Bit leverages technology to assist businesses in meeting their goals. We offer a wide range of services designed to take the headaches out of IT and free you up to focus on what’s important, your clients. Our fully managed IT services are tailored to your needs and budget and offer the expertise and experience you would expect from a best-in-class MSP.

With cybersecurity, data recovery, and the support of our 24/7/365 helpdesk at your fingertips, you will be able to allocate your business bandwidth where it really matters. We will support and manage your IT infrastructure in its entirety or take on the areas that are lacking - whether it be your network’s firewalls, RightFax/enterprise fax application or cybersecurity posture.

In this new world of remote and hybrid workplaces and where cybersecurity is paramount, having an MSP navigate your technology will ensure you remain safe, compliant, and productive.

Contact or 617-527-2212 to see how we can help you with your managed IT services.

Why Bit by Bit?

We are a leader in providing knowledgeable, reliable, and efficient IT Managed Services combined with 24/7/365 support. We’re experts at building a comprehensive IT strategy for any size firm or organization, on any budget. What sets us apart is our team of experienced, passionate professionals who love what we do.

We offer:

  • Significant IT Staff Cost Savings
  • Advanced Security & Vulnerability Protection
  • Full Disaster Recovery & Back Up
  • Pro-Active Maintenance
  • Smooth & Efficient Application Deployments
  • Detailed Reporting & Trending
  • Reduced IT Hardware & Software Costs
  • Affordable & Secure Data Storage
  • 24/7/365 IT Support
  • Minimum Downtime with Guaranteed SLA’s
  • No More Stress & Worry from IT Security Breaches
  • Enhanced Cost & Expenditure Control

Here is why you should bring us on board to help manage your IT.

  • Protect Your Data - Client information is highly sensitive and must remain secure. As more legal firms utilize cloud services, security risks are increasing. If a cybersecurity incident happens, you could be vulnerable to breach-of-contract and possibly legal malpractice suits.
    Bit by Bit can implement secure, robust security policies to protect both your firm and clients.
  • Ransomware Protection - Ransomware attacks are rampant. Hackers invade and lock down an entire system and demand a ransom to relinquish control, preventing you from doing business.
    Bit by Bit can reduce the risk of a ransomware attack by creating a secure network protection plan.
  • Protect Your Wireless End Points – With remote working front and center, law firms are vulnerable to social engineering threats such as phishing or hacked accounts. Cyber thieves can steal crucial information, passwords, and data and destroy your IT systems with malware or viruses.
    Bit by Bit can protect your network and train employees on how to avoid falling prey to these online malcontents.
  • Increase Productivity & Efficiency - The day-to-day of a law firm is busy. You want to spend less time dealing with computer and software headaches, and more time focusing on business. Eliminating network worries, software crashes, and having access to the right legal tools can lead to increased productivity.
    Bit by Bit can ensure all staff has access to the proper IT solutions, whether in the office, remotely, or on mobile devices and support them with a 24/7/365 helpdesk.
  • Stay Ahead of Technology – There’s one truth about technology — it’s continually evolving. When your firm employs an MSP, they stay abreast of technology advancements and solutions, so you don’t have to.
    Bit by Bit can implement new technology while managing updates and upgrades to your existing infrastructure, hardware, and software without disrupting your organization.
  • Customization - No two law firms are alike, and your IT needs are specific to your organization’s size, capabilities, and budget as they grow or change.
    Bit by Bit can customize services that address your changing requirements and concerns and keep within your budget.
  • Better Client Experience – When legal professionals offer better client communication, data security, and expediency utilizing well-supported IT, it makes all the difference. A smoothly run law firm frees you up to provide clients the utmost in customer service. This translates into referrals and future business.
    Bit by Bit can offer the best IT services, solutions and support so you can focus on managing your clients and meeting their needs.