Enterprise Fax Solution

Bit by Bit offers RightFax, an industry-leading fax server software
and automated electronic document delivery solution.

RightFax helps organizations reduce costs of standalone fax machines, integrates with a wide range of applications, and ensures secure document delivery. For three decades we have been deploying integrated, customized RightFax solutions for organizations of all sizes from a wide range of industries.

Our expertise covers fax servers, fax over IP (FoIP), document workflow, and RightFax integrations with applications and systems such as Oracle, Exchange/Outlook 365 and EMR systems, as well as MFP devices. We also offer RightFax Cloud options and SIP solutions including RightFax Connect, Fax2Mail (email to fax/fax to email), and babyTEL SIP Trunking.

“As the most flexible and configurable fax server available, RightFax integration and automation capabilities make it the the #1 choice for organizations to support their digital transformation strategy.”

What RightFax can do for you:

  • Security - RightFax enables you to securely transmit and store information, by offering Active Directory integration and the ability to encrypt fax images.
  • Optimization - RightFax allows you to fax information directly from any Windows application. It also lets you route inbound faxes to individuals, management software, printers, and directories.
  • Integration - RightFax offers a number of add-on modules and connectors that allow you to integrate it into your existing software, such as Office 365, SAP, Oracle, and more than 100 others.